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Facebook Policy

Updated March 1, 2012

We connect to with your Facebook profile so we can identify your friends who can help you out. If we did not connect with Facebook, you’d have to create a whole new profile on TrueContractor and recreate a network that already exists.

We are just as weary about connecting apps with Facebook as you are. That’s why we’re listing out exactly how we use every piece of information gathered from your Facebook account. Your Facebook ID is the only piece that’s stored on our servers – we want to recognize you when you visit the site again :)

Facebook Info Why We Need It
Facebook ID This is a unique ID number that Facebook assigns you. It's how we can identify you even if there are other people who have your same name in real life
Name To address you as "Jon Smith" rather than "User 42920934020"
E-Mail To send you alerts if your friends asked you for a recommendation or to notify you when your friends have replied to your request. We don’t sell this to any third parties
List of Friends This is how we know who to ask for recommendations

TrueContractor may also post on your wall when you perform actions like leaving a referral. This lets people know that you’re a good friend. It’s something you should be proud of and, hopefully, it will encourage others to join TrueContractor. The more of us are using the platform, the more contractor recommendations we’ll all receive.