1. Check off the services you’ve recently used
  2. Get Referrals

    Get honest contractors from friends you trust
  3. Make Referrals

    Help a friend (if you can)

How Does TrueContractor Work?

Contractors are often unreliable and insincere. When money and quality are important, you don’t want to just search the internet for a contractor.

  • Yellow Pages: no reviews/ratings/recommendations
  • Google: contractors use sly SEO and SEM tricks to get featured
  • Comparison Sites: Often get a kickback from the contractor
  • User Reviews Sites: Many reviews are fake, rigged by the contractor himself, or left by total strangers so you can’t reach out to them for more info

You probably have hundreds of friends or friends-of-friends on Facebook who would gladly recommend a plumber. But how do you know who to ask?

TrueContractor finds you a top-notch, reliable contractor based on personal recommendations from friends you might not know to ask. Completely free.

1 - Offer Your Own Experience – Be a Good Friend

To become a member, just indicate which contractors you’ve recently used. We’ll let you know if a friend is looking for a referral where you can help out.

2 - Ask Your Friends for Referrals – Good Karma’s Coming Your Way

Once you’re in, you can put out a call for any kind of contractor in your area. We’ll show you which friends (and friends of friends!) have used that type of contractor and you decide which of those you feel comfortable asking for a recommendation.

We take care of the work of gathering and sorting everyone’s responses so you get one simple list of which contractors to use and which to avoid.

3 - The More the Merrier

Try to get as many of your Facebook friends to check off their experiences, too. The more people on TrueContractor, the more recommendations you’ll receive!

How We Use Facebook

We know Facebook is personal and private. We only use Facebook to (a) know who to ask for referrals and (b) help grow your community of helpers. To ensure you feel super comfortable with linking your Facebook account, we’ve created a complete list of exactly what information we gather from Facebook and how we use it.